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5 Gallon Water Bottle

5 Gallon Pure Mineral Water Returnable Bottle For You & Your Families With Free Home Delivery At Your Door Step. We Provide Best Quality Water With Low Sodium & Zero Chlorine in Qatar. Almas Water Is Premier & Leading Water Company In Qatar.

Hot & Cold Water Dispenser

Almas Water For Our Customers Is Providing Hot & Cold Water Dispensers For Offices & Homes. To Get Water Dispensers For Your Homes & Offices. Almas Water Premium Quality Water Supplier In Qatar.

Other Water Dispensers

Apart from the different types of hot and cold water dispensers, we sell water pots with tap and manual hand pumps for our valued customers. We offer a wide selection of water accessories according to the affordability of our customers.

Table Top Hot & Cold-Water Dispensers

We are pleased to present our Hot and Cold Table Top Water Dispenser. Best suited for offices and homes with space constraint, one can still enjoy the convenience of having a glass of refreshing cold water to quench your thirst and hydrate your body during a hot afternoon, or brew a quick cup of hot coffee or hot tea to warm up our body in icy cold office environment, with our hot & cold table top water dispenser, directly from the tap.